Thinking About Videography?

Imagine this, you’re just having your 50th anniversary and you’ve just had an amazing dinner with the person you married long ago.  You get back to the house, he holds the door open for you and you look straight into his eyes and remember all the fond memories you two have experienced together.  You two sit on the couch and start watching the wedding video that your wedding videographer created for you, you relive that day in motion.  You look over to your partner and all of a sudden it’s your wedding day and you are saying “I Do” all over again!

At the time you may have been unsure if a wedding videographer was a good choice or not, but in the moment you knew that you made a life-changing decision that would allow you to experience your greatest day in motion for the rest of your life.  You made the right call to hire a wedding videographer, however, some wondering if a videographer is right for them.  Is wedding videography worth it? (In short, it is.)

Isn’t a Photographer Enough?

I hear this question a lot and it may be true for some couples, however, if you are a couple who is fun and adventurous then you will not want to miss out on the value that a wedding videographer will have for you!

We can recognize some of the similarities of photographers and videographers to discern the differences more clearly, being able to identify similarities and differences are pivotal because being educated about what each does is very important in the decision making process!

First off, photographers and videographers use similar equipment and use many of the same lingo in comparable ways.  That is where they tend to diverge, let’s talk about ways in which they are not related to each other.

Some photographers offer video in their packages, but this is like having your DJ pick out the floral arrangements for your wedding.  Sure the DJ might order the floral arrangement you like, but he ordered cherry red instead of rose red.

Videography is drastically different in terms of photography, and here’s why.  Motion pictures.  Filming an event captures the day in motion, you cannot capture motion from photography nor can you capture sound.  Hiring a wedding videographer will give you the ability to watch your story in motion while hearing what you sounded like on your wedding day, being able to watch yourself and your partner in a motion film all about your wedding day will evoke an emotion so immense that it’ll make you cry tears of joy every time you watch your custom wedding film!


Capture memories in motion to re-live every day

Remember the story in the beginning of this blog about your 50th wedding anniversary?  Isn’t it incredible that you’ll be able to go back and watch your wedding day and hear yourself say “I do”?  That moment will get ya every time, I swear..

When my couples hire me to film their wedding, I make sure that I get to know them and communicate effectively so I can create a highlight film that is unique to the couple.  Every wedding videographer should get to know their couples and explore unique stories lines that capture the true excitement of the day, this way their films will evoke so many emotions throughout the years!

When I talk to couples who chose not to have a wedding videographer film their wedding, they regretted it.  Seriously, almost every couple I’ve spoken to has said that.  Filming weddings have gained popularity in recent years, and is an innovative way of preserving the fleeting emotions that you’ll experience during the wedding day that you’ll never want to forget!

You’ll look into your partner’s eyes after you watch that wedding film with tears and say “I love you so much!”.  That is my purpose, I capture the fleeting emotions so you can experience them over and over again.  Wedding videography is changing the way that we're re-experiencing life events!

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Wedding Videography is Great!

One of the great things about a wedding highlight film is that it can be preserved through many different formats, through computer files, the cloud, thumb drives, YouTube, and DVD’s.  Your wedding photographer will give you a photo album full of pictures, you’ll look through it once or twice, and that album will be put into storage with all the other pictures you’ve taken.

A highlight film is very accessible, want to sit on the couch and not dig through that messy closet to find all those pictures?  Pop in the DVD or pull up YouTube on your smart TV and sit back and be ready to wipe the tears from your eyes.  Oh by the way, we all have that one closet, don’t worry.

Here is my shameless plug, wedding videography should be captured by experts.  If you’re looking for an expert, then look no further than Simplistic Views.  We offer an assortment of affordable packages that are sure to capture your unique story.  Using the most up to date cameras and camera equipment, we are able to create a wedding highlight film that might look straight out of HollyWood!  The equipment we use is non-intrusive and is sure to capture your big day in a way that many area videographers cannot, we also will never charge for traveling anywhere.

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